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Design is all about possibility. Knowing what the looms can do - yarn structure - weave construction - the play of light on finely woven textile - texture, movement, resilience, strength. These are all factors attributable to design. collaborate with the finest designers, artists, and converters to understand fashion trend and develop designs that are cutting edge.




Most Velvet fabric has what is known as a nap--when you run your hand down the length of the fabric, it will feel smooth in one direction and rough in the other. The appearance of the Velvet is affected by the nap, with the color of the Velvet appearing darker in the direction in which the nap runs up. When a garment is cut from Velvet, care must be taken that the nap is running in the same direction on each piece of the garment. Many commercial patterns include specific layouts for pattern pieces labeled "with nap." The nap should also be considered when cutting pieces of upholstery fabric or cutting and sewing draperies.